The Nikon Has Landed

Frankfurt, Germany
Day 2 – After a boring but uneventful 7 hour flight, the Italian trip takes a required pitstop in Frankfurt Germany – we couldn’t get a direct flight from Montreal to Milan (Malpensa) Italy.

The Frankfurt airport is huge and evidently disorganized – so much confusion. Everyone speaks English but with an attitude – most of the airport personnel are at best rude although some thankfully are helpful.

One airport guy, an old dude with a heavy accent screams out “Passport Control” over and over at all the lost and puzzled foreign travelers who come to him for help. He doesn’t even make any eye contact.

Could it be the airport staff don’t care for tourists? Well there are presently tons of them in Germany given the 2006 World Cup of Soccer is being held here. Or it could be that I’m just grumpy after a long sleepless flight in peasant class? Probably the latter. One day I would like to visit and photograph Frankfurt – maybe next year?

Eventually we make it to Passport Control – they don’t even ask us whether we are bringing in weapons of mass destruction – and we actually manage to make our connecting flight to Milan!

Thought for the day: everyone in Europe is a heavy smoker – I have a feeling they encourage smoking, particularly in public places – like airports.

After landing in Milan our next stop will be Lake Como.