Day 4 – later that day we hit Venice – wow, one of the most unique cities in the world (and that’s an understatement). We take a boat ride on a water taxi through the main canal – the experience is just incredible – like being on the main drag in any European city except you’re floating, and boats, not cars, are whizzing by left and right.

Later we take a classic gondola ride through the narrower secondary canals – again, in both cases the views are just breathtaking. As an added bonus, Venice’s mainland is free of cars and scooters – so you are safe, unless you drown (or drink the water straight from the lagoon). In passing, no – the water does not smell in Venice – but I would not want to swim in it either.

We close the day at the striking hotel Hungaria Palace, just off the main drag in the Lido or beach area (a third boat ride is required to get there). The Lido does have cars but it is less noisy, the tourists are less visible than the main Island. Overall a lovely place to stay if visiting Venice.

We are still a little jet lagged and heat tired, but the day has been a very memorable and enjoyable one.

Further exploration of Venice will have to wait until tomorrow.