Romeo and Juliet

Day 4 – Here’s a real revelation – Italians drive fast – formula one fast. The scooters are the worst offenders, Vespas and Suzuki Burgmans and their two wheeling kin dart in and out of traffic with little regard for lanes, white lines, yellow lines – no concern for being flattened by their four wheeled brethren and absolutely no courtesy towards pedestrians.

In fact, all motor vehicle drivers in Italy hold pedestrians in the greatest contempt. At best they see us as nuisances – at worst they are determined to mow us down. It’s a little known fact that each driver has a quota of tourists to run over each summer, fail to comply and your license is revoked.

The weather today is sweltering hot again. High heat, higher humidity. We leave Como for Venice. On the way down we stop at Verona – the city made famous by the tale of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. We get to see Juliet’s statue – it’s good luck if you rub her right breast and that’s exactly what each tourist does (the bronze is totally discoloured as a result).

Verona is a disappointment – but the pizza margherita (tomato and cheese only) we have at a café is excellent and not overpriced. In this medieval looking town we stumble across a large and modern video/electronic store. It has all the latest tech toys but most importantly it has air conditioning – oh what a relief.

We never got to see Verona’s 2,000 year old Roman arena and ruins – so I guess I’m being too hard on Romeo’s hometown. Perhaps one day we’ll return and devote more time to exploration.

Later on Day 4 we arrive in Venice.