Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Together & Apart – four city mini-tour. Montreal, Monday February 22nd, 7:30 PM at the Bell Centre. Seating: reds, section 115, row H, seats 14 and 15. Two and a half hours, 11,500 fans.

A boys night out with Zad to see two legendary guitar virtuosos. I had seen Clapton back in May 2008 but this was the first time I saw the other Yardbird, Jeff Beck. Zad was pretty excited about the fact that his sax teacher, Roger Walls, had got the call earlier that week to play trumpet as part of Beck’s band.

While we were disappointed that the incredible Aussie bassist Tal Wilkenfeld wouldn’t be showing up, we were thrilled to see and hear bassist Rhonda Smith (formerly with the artist formerly known as prince). Smith, a Montrealer, is amazingly talented, what a great solo we were treated to. Narada Michael Walden on drums was also fantastic.

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She Don’t Lie

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. Does it get any better? Woooot!!

Beck and his Strat. Click for full size.

If you want to hang out
You gotta take her out
If you want to get down
Down on the ground
She don't lie
She don't lie
She don't lie

He Shot the Sheriff

But he swears it was in self-defense. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton last night at Montreal’s Bell Centre – amazing concert. Will blog it in more detail real soon. My Nikons were at home, so I shot this with Zad’s Canon PowerShot SD450. I have to say that the sound quality overall was excellent, considering this was the Bell where the acoustics can really blow big time.

Click for full size.

Almost died laughing when I saw this quote on Clapton’s official site:

On a freezing cold evening in Montreal, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck wrapped their six-concert, four-city tour to a sold out crowd at the Bell Centre on 22 February 2010. The set list was identical to that performed the evening previous in Toronto.

I was out walking down in that “freezing cold” and trust me it was pretty mild by Canadian standards.


Capri – Italy, 2006. One of the most beautiful islands I’ve had the privilege to visit and photograph. Another photo from the European travel archives.

Capri. Click for full size.