Burlington and Stowe Vermont, September 2nd. A fabulous (warm, sunny, clear) daytrip, just a perfect off-season opportunity to revisit this beautiful and ultra-clean border state. Read about the trip here.

Church Street Mall. Burlington. Click for full size.

Street Performer. Burlington. Click for full size.

Church Street Mall. Burlington. Click for full size.

Vermont 2009

Day trip to Vermont. Burlington and Stowe, September 2nd. We drove straight to Stowe, crossing the border easily at Phillipsburg – Highgate Springs. In Stowe we grabbed a quick lunch and then drove to Mt. Mansfield for a few photos. The recreational path was the next stop.

We didn’t stay that long in Stowe. It was relatively quiet given the busy foliage season was not in full swing. Not much to do there. On the way back we visited the Christmas Loft in Shelburne, a fun place but also a sad reminder that Christmas (meaning winter) is just around the corner.

Our last stop was the Church Street Mall in Burlington. This is a great pedestrian shopping area with interesting shops and sidewalk caf├ęs. There is also an indoor mall (renovated it seems) with many brand name stores. The streets were full of locals and University of Vermont students enjoying the beautiful weather.

On the road back home we drove past Big Man. He’s gone from selling hot dogs to antique furniture, back to fast food, and now back to furniture. Almost full circle!

A nice outing, about 6 hours of driving, but well worth it. I love Vermont.

Stowe photos below. View the Burlington Vermont photos.

Gondola, Stowe. Click for full size.

Mt. Mansfield, Stowe. Click for full size.