Happy Holidays to all Family, Friends, and Visitors to the Sleeping Wolves.
With 2008 winding down, let’s look forward and hope 2009 is a good one!


True Colors

Or True Colours as we spell it in the Commonwealth. Discovered two terrific utilities: QuickMonitorProfile and QuickGamma. They helped me get over the Photoshop CS2 blues, or yellows to be more precise

With QuickMonitorProfile, I was able to automatically create a proper ICM profile for my new Samsung Monitor – in a New York minute, maybe less.

The Yellow skies are now blue and B&W is no longer sepia. The best part is that they are both free from the QuickGamma site. Google is your friend when it comes to fixing this type of problem.

Highly recommended by the wolves.

Site Makeover

Worked today on changing the site theme for Sleeping Wolves. Needed something fluid / liquid to account for all the differences in monitor resolutions out there. Will be finishing up over the next few weeks but I’m pretty happy with the new look.

Useful WordPress Hacks

Some neat enhancements to make your WordPress blog a custom one.

Block Categories
To block posts assigned to specific categories from appearing on your main blog page add the following line to Index.php (in your theme) in between the get header and have posts lines.

<?php get_header(); ?>

<?php query_posts($query_string . "&cat=-23,-20"); //Block categories 20 and 23 from main page ?>

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

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