At the prom

Grandpa Kenneth and Grandma Barbara shopping the evening of their prom in 1966. Both great people but grandma was always disparaged due to her “blondeness” and mannequin good looks (she had perfect proportions) while Grandpa was always the victim of innuendo concerning his sexuality. Go figure.
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Just got a new 24 inch LCD monitor, the Samsung 2493HM. This one will be used for photo editing while my other monitor, the Samsung SynchMaster 275T 27 inch will be the first choice for gaming.

Photo courtesy Samsung U.S.A.

FireFox 3 Hacks

FireFox is the best browser out there and you can’t beat the price. One of the features I can’t stand however, is the new Smart Location Bar or Awesome Bar. Thankfully, this idiotic functionality can be crippled easily (see 3 and 4). Some of my favourite tips on how to personalize FF3 are shared below.

About:config Hacks

Type about:config in the location (address) bar

1. Find, double click and set it to FALSE to remove favicons
2. Find, double click and set it to FALSE to remove site icons too.
3. Find browser.urlbar.maxRichResults, double click it and set it to 0 to keep your history from being displayed in the location bar.
4. Find browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped, double click it and set it to TRUE.
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