Angry Eyes

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Time, time and again I see you staring down at me

Now, then and again I wonder what it is that you see

with those Angry Eyes

Well, I bet you wish you could cut me down

with those Angry Eyes

You want to believe that I am not the same as you

And now I can’t conceive, my darling, of what it is you’re trying to do

with those Angry Eyes


Moto Art

I started riding motorcycles at the tender age of 12 – they are definitely one of my first and enduring loves. Between my brother and myself we have owned quite a few bikes. While photographing motorcycles is not as much fun as riding them, it’s still great fun to record our rides for posterity.

Here are a few recent and current ones, all rendered in Photoshop CS2, just for the hell of it.

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From left: 1998 Suzuki Bandit 1200, 2004 Harley-Davidson V-ROD, 2004 Harley-Davidson V-ROD

From left: 2001 Honda RC51, 2006 Ducati SportClassic 1000, 2006 Ducati Monster

The OJ

The Orange Julep (OJ) is a Montreal landmark, easily visible during the descent of many flights into Dorval (PET) Airport. It is the home of arguably the best Julep you will ever drink – and the toasted hot dogs aren’t too shabby either.

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Had the opportunity this morning to get up close and personal with one of my fav birds – the Great Blue Heron. This elegant creature was pretty shy – as you would expect from a wild bird – so that’s as close as I could get with a 200mm lens.

Shot at the Chateau Vaudreuil, just west of the Island of Montreal. The center photo is rendered in Photoshop. The two black creatures in the photo on the right could be male and female Loch Ness monsters or they could be two Canada Geese, you choose. Click for full size.


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The fisher is a North American marten, a medium-sized mustelid. The fisher is agile in trees and has a slender body that allows it to pursue prey into hollow trees or burrows in the ground. Despite its name, this animal seldom eats fish; the name may originate from the French word fichet, which referred to the pelt of a European polecat.

For Oli

To our good friend Oli who’s out enjoying beautiful Northern California. So you miss the local Quebec produce? A second outing at the Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.

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Another Duck

Ducatis, nicknamed Ducks, are considered by many to be the Ferraris of the motorcycle world.
The beautiful V-Twin below is a 2006 SportClassic 1000 Monoposto – a blast to ride and a real head-turner.

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