Camera of the Year

The Editors of Popular Photography & Imaging (I subscribe) voted the Nikon D300 the Camera of the Year for 2007.

Nikon’s newest digital SLR is chosen as the camera that best refined or redefined photography in 2007.

This camera is definitely on my wish list. Hope to get one this spring.

The camera that best refines or redefines photography? The D300 triumphs on both counts, and raises the benchmark for every camera maker.

Start with its high-ISO performance. In our Pop Photo Lab tests, the D300 scored Excellent image quality right through ISO 3200, and maintained an Extremely High rating at a breathtaking ISO 6400.

Its autofocus system? The fastest in very low light and most sophisticated we’ve ever seen. And even when you get beyond the numbers race of AF points — this camera boasts a record-setting 51 — it packs such paradigm-busting savvy as the ability to track subjects by color and even skin tone. Try it, you’ll be as amazed as we were.

Shooting speed for this 12.3MP DSLR is — fasten your Nikes — 6 frames per second right out of the box. Those files, by the way, are highest-quality JPEGs or RAW-NEF.

Nikon was hardly the first to the live-view game, but the D300 takes the feature to a new level with an astoundingly sharp 3-inch LCD and two ways to autofocus in live view.

New Rig

Belated Happy New Year to all our visitors.

We’ve been busy at work, busy at home, staying indoors though….basically hibernating through a winter that’s way too long and way too cold. Even so, still had time to complete one fun project – building a new computer gaming rig. This was the first time i do this from scratch but it won’t be the last. Learned tons in the process too – such as why SLI is not ready for prime time and geeky things like single rail versus multiple rail PSUs/power supplies, which is better? (I’m not telling).

Why build rather than buy? You certainly don’t save any money, particularly when you use high end components – and you don’t have any warranty on the finished system to boot (bad pun intended).

The answer is obviously “just for the hell of it”. Or, I could have written “If you have to ask, you’ll never understand” but I keep that one for peeps who ask me why I ride motorbikes.

So, what’s inside this amazing putr you say? Intel obviously, and lots of other stuff:
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