Trip to the Eco

Last week I went to the marsh at the Bois-de-L’Île-Bizard Nature Park – a few birds and turtles – but not much to shoot on this particular day. Today I did the Ecomuseum with much better luck.

The wolves were ultra active (playing games with the coyotes), bears were out and about, and I shot a new red-tailed hawk (male) that replaced the deceased one.

Oh, did I mention the raccoons were out there too?

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Knock Knock

Who’s there? Or actually, where are you from?

Here’s where visitors to the Sleeping Wolves came from, geographically speaking, between April 22nd and 28th. Statistics are gathered by Google as part of its Google Analytics services. No personal or private information is captured.

Interesting to see visitors from faraway lands such as Korea – apparently Sleeping Wolves is bookmarked as part of Kim Jong-il’s favourites – and he’s my fav dictator!

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On the West Island of Montreal, birders love to visit the Bois-de-L’Île-Bizard Nature Park – a beautiful marsh environment with ducks, geese, rails, owls, bitterns, swallows, etc.

All I got was this red-winged blackbird, but it was a nice walk even if I’m not a true birder.


Florida 2007

Port St. Lucie Florida: April 6-14, 2007
From left to right: Little Blue Heron, Great White Egret (similar to Great White Heron), and a prehistoric looking pterosaur-like osprey captured with its prey (fish) firmly in talons. Click on the photos to zoom in.

The alarm went off just before 4:00AM. Just enough time to get ready for that 6h30AM flight which will take us to warmer weather and a much needed break from a cold, damp, miserable Canadian April.

It’s Good Friday and the airport is pretty quiet. We check in and go through customs and security quickly. So far so good – but just about 15 minutes from boarding, the ground crew announce that our flight has been cancelled. We are instructed to go back to pick up our luggage and return to the U.S. Air (U.S. Scare) counter. No reason or apologies given (we later find out the attendant had an accident – it was a small regional jet).

After about another hour waiting in line at the counter – it feels like Groundhog Day – we are told we can’t get a flight out until 3:00PM that afternoon. Damn. So back home we go, spending another $40 in cab fare and knowing we will not be enjoying the day in the sun – we now expect to hit Florida at around 11:00PM.

We finally fly out through Delta, stopping in Atlanta (instead of Philadelphia). After a few hours stopover we catch a second Delta flight to West Palm Beach. As my better half tries to buckle herself in, she notices that she only has half a seatbelt. I joke that she will be asked to deplane. She doesn’t find that very funny (the flight is full) – instead, she covers up the seatbelt (the missing part) with her coat and off we go.

It was a bad start, but the vacation was great – very restful. The weather was phenomenal in Florida while it was bleak and miserable in Montreal – that always makes me feel good, when the weather sucks back home while on vacation.

Took lots of photos of the wildlife while down there. Incredible opportunities to get up close to herons, egrets, turtles, one crocodile, and even some dolphins. But the outstanding moments were discovering not one, but two, osprey nests.

Return was through U.S. Air by way of Philadelphia (a very choppy, turbulent flight).

Have started to post some photos: one Florida Gallery and one Birds of Florida Gallery.

More photos over the next weeks.


The Driveshaft tour finally made it to Canada with back to back concerts in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. We lucked out and scored front row seats to see the band at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

They opened with You All Everybody and as everyone expected the crowd went wild. The Pace brothers were in fine form – Liam never sounded better, with brother Charlie on background vocals.

It’s hard to remember all the songs they played so I won’t be presenting a set list..but imagine everyone’s surprise when they closed the concert with You All Everybody – yes, their greatest hit twice in one night.

While the Oasis influence is obvious on many songs, the boys did play new material (co-written by Charlie and Liam) – hard rockin and very original – the band is definitely carving out its own niche.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Driveshaft, do yourself a favour and fly out to their next gig or concert. Just don’t fly Oceanic.

April’s Fox

One of my favourite photos of one of my favourite subjects – Luna the Vixen.

I call it Snow Luna. It was shot in December 2005. Luna was playing around in the snow and got a muzzle full of white stuff. Notice her beautiful eye with its vertically elliptical pupil, characteristic of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). One of many photos that can be found in the Photoblog. More red fox photos can be found in the Fox Gallery.