March is Over

Was it just me or did March whiz right by – it went fast. Cleaned out some dust bunnies from the Nikon and went out to test it….still some dust so I gave it another mild blast from a blower brush (camera on bulb)..should be ok for Florida trip now.


A day at the Biodome

Zad and I took off this afternoon (Spring Break) and visited the Biodome.

It was about -19C today (i.e. freezing) so it was indoors weather, making it extra fun to walk through the Tropical Forest Exhibit, reminded me of Florida, hot and humid.

Some of the shots from today – the shooting conditions overall are bad (low light, lots of kids, and glass) – but some exhibits lend themselves better to photography than others.
From left to right: Male Hooded Merganser, Golden Lion Tamarin, Capybara.


You’ll also notice a new script, HighSlide, which allows the photos to be zoomed in when clicked. I prefer it to the Lightbox used previously.

Flash Gallery

It was a cold day – the kind of day to work on unfinished projects while off on spring break. I worked on my Flash gallery – it’s not finished but I’m pretty happy with the progress.

I started with the SSP gallery component and added two other components – one for the thumbnails (I used it twice actually) and one to replace the Flash menubar which I just didn’t feel like skinning even though I had already written actionscript for it.

All in all it was lots of fun, hours well spent.

The end product, or at least phase 1, can be seen right here.