Boston 2006


Boston 2006, The Concert: October 21 – 23rd.

A much anticipated trip, however the drive down south turned out to be quite an adventure – there was a classic mix of good news/bad news!

The good news: We finally got to go to Vermont – a stop on the way to a concert in Boston. (We planned to stay the morning in Burlington VT for some shopping before heading down). I also got to shoot my childhood hero Big Man for the first time – on the return trip.

The bad news – The weather did not cooperate, not the slightest photo-op in Vermont. We left Montreal late Friday night and the combination of heavy rain and traffic was horrible – it took hours to get across the Champlain Bridge and to Philipsburg. Driving through Vermont is usually very pleasant, but not on this day – the weather conditions were certainly unexpected for this time of year.

The nightmare began as soon as we crossed over into the States. Just after clearing immigration it started to snow hard – it came down fast and furious – a freak snowstorm which we later found out was limited to a small mountain area immediately south of the border.

Interstate 89 is unlit, so it was pitch black except for the road which was pure white – even the road signs were covered in wet white stuff – all you could see through the windshield (assuming you could see at all) was this heavy falling snow – hypnotically captured in our headlights, (almost a stroboscopic effect) … distracting and dangerous.

We slowed the Accord down to a crawl, barely managed to see the unplowed exit and slowly made our way to some small town – St.Alban’s or Swanton (does it really matter which one?) – we were just happy to get off the road.

We ate a burger that didn’t really taste like meat at the Golden Arches – I guess they had run out of meat and substituted something else (roadkill ?) and then we tried to find a hotel – everything was booked solid – interstate commuters from all over the place were stranded, just as we were – NO VACANCY!
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LightBox is a javascript to superimpose an image on a page…this is just a couple tests. Using a link is one way. A thumbnail can also be used (same file is used for the thumbnail). Break tags are required to keep the layout clean.

There are many scripts like this – another one is highslide – probably the best one I’ve seen so far.

Eventually I will try to write a plugin to used highslide instead of lightbox.

Corporate Photographer

Well I’ve been asked to shoot a company function next week…hmmm…i don’t normally do people…well not indoors…i prefer natural light and i prefer animals (that can be interpreted in so many different ways).

Couldn’t say no….I don’t even have the right flash for my camera…i wonder if the company would let me expense a $600 flash? no chance in hell….I’ll have to shoot manual or auto…but TTL is out of the question, not supported by this combo of camera and flash…oh well…i’ll just bracket…i’ll try bounce too.

Winter is right around the corner…looking forward to the wolves and fox in their winter coats.

Foliage season is here now too….but I haven’t had a chance to take advantage…would love to go to Vermont, just for a weekender…Stowe would be great….maybe get a trip in before the leaves fall off completely.

Boston later this month – should be fun..just hope the weather doesn’t suck when we’re there. Will probably spend the first night and morning in Burlington, Vermont as a stop before hitting Mass…..How about Stowe on the same trip? we’ll see, but unlikely.

It will be World Series time, but the Red Sox didn’t make it this year – which is Ok because I’m a Yankees fan…doesn’t explain why the stinking hotel rooms in Bean Town are so damn bloody expensive! sheesh.


Experimenting with a Coppermine photo database – to build a comprehensive portfolio of nature and travel photography – fully searchable (keywords, description, caption) as well as slideshow capability (some wolf photos are loaded to demo this capability)

This is the 5th PHP script being used on this site. The others being WordPress, Pixelpost, Folderblog, and phpBB – they’re all part of the fun – together with 2 Flash Components, SlideShow Pro and the Pageflip Flash Component (Flipping Book).

The new photo gallery/database will be called Portfolio – check it out – but it’s still a work in progress – some sample photos were uploaded, others just have placeholders. It will be more of a reference than a showcase… should be interesting.

Installation took less than 5 minutes, configuration to my specs took about 4 hours.

The pros: free, very powerful

The cons: not for beginners, limited templates

Ducks Unlimited

Beautiful day today, took the opportunity to say hello to all my friends at the Eco. Updated the Duck Pond with some new photos as well – ducks were very active and the lighting was excellent.

Many of the ducks have left – but plenty of Mallards and a pretty good looking Pintail.

When I say today, I guess I mean yesterday. Time to sleep.

p.s. Ducks Lovers can also check out the Duck Thread – a growing collection of duck photos geared more towards reference than art.